Wholesale Pastys


Our main two wholesale products and packaging. Please consider carrying these quality items.

  • This unique product fits well into frozen, meat and deli departments.
  • They can be sold in a smaller version to schools, nursing homes and other institutions.
  • We can also customize a line of products for your brand in our fine USDA plant.
  • We have reasonable wholesale prices; which allow generous profit margins for both distributing and retail sales.

Call us direct for more info at 906-774-2328 or by emailing pastys @ uplogon.com

Pastys with and without Rutabaga

Quality ITEMs

Pasty (Pass Tee), a Cornish meat pie (meat, potatoes, onions wrapped in a butter crust)

Hand Made

1 Pound

Michigan Mining History

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We Help You Sell!

Ask for a “taste preview” or “Hot Pasty Lunch” on us.

Its a great way to see how well this product will sell by tasting it yourself.

Perfect food for Institutions, schools, nursing homes, military, grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Perfect all-in-one meal for any occasion.

Presently in about 1800 Northern Midwest Groceries

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